Anti-cut Stainless Steel Gloves

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Anti-cut Stainless Steel Gloves

Picked 3 months ago

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Have you ever wondered how you can protect your hands from sharp tools and sharp objects?

Look no further than our Anti-cut Stainless Steel Gloves! Our gloves are designed to protect your hands from sharp blades and have a thin layer of stainless steel to make sure your hands stay safe. Perfect for construction and other labor-intensive tasks, these gloves are the perfect way to avoid any painful cuts and scrapes.


🗡️ Anti-cut: Thin stainless steel injected into the fibers of the gloves, making it strong enough to resist cuts and scrapes.
🛡️ Protection: Thin layer of stainless steel to protect your hands from sharp objects such as knives and blades.
🧥 Comfortable: Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably on your hands and will take away sweat to provide long-lasting comfort.


- Color: Black
- Material: Stainless steel and fiber
- Size: One Size Fits All


To use the gloves, simply slip your hands into the gloves so that your fingers and hands are in each finger pocket and the slits for your palm. Once your hands are snugly in the pockets, you are now ready to start using the gloves for protection from sharp blades and objects. Make sure to use caution when wearing them, and always wear eye protection when using sharp objects.


Q: Are these gloves washable?
A: Yes, these gloves are hand washable and should be air-dried for maximum usefulness.

Q: How does the stainless steel protect my hands?
A: The layer of stainless steel injected in the gloves acts as a shield to protect your skin from any cuts or scratches.

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  1. $19.99 SELLING PRICE
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  3. $14.06 PROFIT MARGIN
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